56th Annual Virtual Meeting

Registrants have access to the Program through April 12th. Registrants can earn CME for viewing the course. 

Visit https://pghoph.ce21.com/guestbook/3254366

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Contact:  Nadine Popovich if you cannot log in to the virtual platform. 

Email:  npopovich@acms.org or

Phone:  412.321.5030

Winners of the Gift Card

Joel Brown, MD

Eric Pennock, MD

Laurie Roba, MD

56th Annual Physician Meeting

41st Annual Meeting for Ophthalmic Personnel 

Thank you to our Sponsors

Telehealth (or telemedicine) is highly regulated, and as a result, has been difficult to fully adopt. Over the past week, CMS has made changes to broaden access to telehealth services.  The new flexibility allows you to see patients remotely immediately using typical commercially available technology (Facetime, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype, Zoom). Reimbursement is the same rate as an office visit. You can also be reimbursed for assisting patients via your patient portal.

Continue your medical practice operations with telehealth

Society Mission

To act as the voice of ophthalmologic medicine in the Pittsburgh area, to serve as patient advocate in promoting preventive eye care, quality medical and surgical care and rehabilitative services for individuals with ophthalmologic diseases and to advance the knowledge, science and practice of ophthalmology, to assist in the improvement of the quality of ophthalmologic medicine and training therein, and to promote integrity in the practice of ophthalmic medicine.

Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society
850 Ridge Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412-321-5030 FAX 412-321-5323

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