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The Thorpe Circle, established in 2014, was created to offset the costs associated with the Annual meeting.  Your contribution strengthens the fund and provides the opportunity for POS to bring the best and brightest in our field to Pittsburgh.

This named lecture is the highlight of the Annual Meeting which began in 1980 when Harvey E. Thorpe was named “Man of the Year” by the Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society. Since then, such luminaries as Herb Kaufman, Lorenz Zimmerman, Frederick Jakobiec,  David Guyton, Warren Hill, and Lisa Brothers Arbisser, have been recognized.  Despite naming the lectureship after Dr. Thorpe, the POS did not have an endowment fund established.

Thank you to those who have made a contribution. If you are not a member of the Thorpe Circle, please consider contributing as your support enables the POS to continue the tradition of excellence of recognizing distinguished guest faculty to serve as the Thorpe Lecturers.


Michael Azar, MD l Thorpe Circle Administrator  |   Pamela Rath, MD,  President


The Harvey E. Thorpe Lecture was established in 1980, when the Society named Dr. Thorpe “Man of the Year.”  

All lecturers are M.D.

1981                A. Edward Maumenee 2000 Neil R. Miller 2019   Wallace L.M. Alward

1982                Herbert E. Kaufman 2001 Charles S. Foster 2020    No Meeting

1983                Robert Machemer 2002 John L. Wobig 2021    Robert H. Osher, MD

1984                Daniele Aron-Rosa 2003 Bartley Mondino 2022     Uday Devgan,  MD 

1985                Norman S. Jaffe 2004 Douglas Koch 2023     Leon W. Herndon, Jr., MD

1986                Lorenz E. Zimmerman 2005 Howard Fine                            2024     David F. Martin, MD

1987                Claes H. Dohlman 2006 George Waring III

1988                Rocko Fasanella                 2007     Brooks McKuen

1989                Arnall Patz 2008 David Chang

1990                Paul R. Lichter 2009 Peter McDonnell

1991                Simmons Lessell 2010 David Epstein

1992                Alan B. Scott 2011 Carmen Puliafito

1993                Richard J. Simmons 2012 Richard Lindstrom

1994                William Tasman 2013 David Guyton

1995                Ronald E. Smith 2014 Rosa Braga-Mele

1996                Peter R. Laibson 2015 Donald L. Budenz

1997                Norman J. Schatz 2016 Michael Snyder

1998                Dan B. Jones 2017 Warren E. Hill

1999                Frederick A. Jakobiec 2018 Lisa Brothers Arbisser

Society Mission

To act as the voice of ophthalmologic medicine in the Pittsburgh area, to serve as a patient advocate in promoting preventive eye care, quality medical and surgical care and rehabilitative services for individuals with ophthalmologic diseases and to advance the knowledge, science and practice of ophthalmology, to assist in the improvement of the quality of ophthalmologic medicine and training therein, and to promote integrity in the practice of ophthalmic medicine.

Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society | 850 Ridge Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Email: | Phone 412-321-5030 x110 

Need more information? Contact Nadine Popovich, POS Administrator

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